The Author

Brian Benfield’s extensive academic, teaching and practical experience in the field of life insurance on four continents has uniquely qualified him to author this exposition of the essential elements of successful life office management.

In 1981 at the age of 32 he was appointed one of the youngest life office chief executives of the time, having risen through the ranks of life insurance sales and administration management. In 1992 he and a partner founded an entirely new life insurance business from scratch. Five years later this company was listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange and has become one of the rolex replica uk country’s most consistently successful life insurance companies measured in terms of return on assets, return on equity, growth of market share, dividend yield, embedded value, appraisal value and a variety of other bases of financial and non-financial analysis.

A decade after its founding, a leading international insurance group made Benfield an offer for the outright purchase of his insurance interests, an offer which he accepted with mixed feelings but which enabled him inter alia to find time to record much of his learning and experience in this book.

During a period of over three decades in the life insurance industry, Benfield has held a number of senior industry posts, including serving for six years as a member of the Management Committee of the S.A. Life Offices?Association, as President of the replica watches sale Insurance Institute of South Africa (1989) and (presently) as Chairman of the Board of Examiners of that Institute. He is also Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Free Market Foundation of Southern Africa and has been Visiting Professor, Insurance and Risk Management in the faculty of Commerce, Law and Management at the University of the Witwatersrand since 1991.

He was South African Marketing Man of the Year finalist in 1987, Financial Mail J & B Rare Achiever Awardee in 1988 and S.A. Insurance Man of the Year in 1989. He has served as a director of insurance businesses in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia and rolex replica sale the United States of America. His academic qualifications include BCom (UPE); BCom (Hons) (Wits); PMD (Harvard); ACII (UK); AIISA (SA); PhD (Wits).

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