Reviewed by Clive Ford-Haworth. Past president of agency management for major life companies and Executive Director of First Link (Pty) Ltd.

How fortunate for aspiring young life assurance executives and students that a book of this nature is available today. How I would have valued something half as good some forty years ago at the early stages of my career in this industry. What we learned then was gleaned largely from practical experience and word of mouth. Material such as this would have made a vast difference to our progress had it been available to us.

Well written, easy to read and in an excellent format, this work contains superb detail that could only have been written by someone having both direct personal experience of life rolex replica uk company management at every level and the concomitant academic training. It makes for ready understanding of life office complexities long a mystery to me and many others I have known. Brian Benfield has produced a thoroughly useful text unequalled by any I have read in the field. I have no doubt that it will be internationaly acclaimed.

Reviewed by Peter Atkinson, Executive Internal Services, Insurance Institute.

Given the dearth of available text relevant to the highly advanced life insurance industry, it would be fair to assume that any publication in this field would be welcomed.

However, Dr Brian Benfield's work deserves far more credit than simply being one of a kind.

It is sufficiently up-to-date and rolex replica relevant to the life assurance market, but also generic in its application, so that it could serve a useful purpose in almost any life insurance environment, perhaps also in the newly re-emerging markets of Africa.

The book is compact (both in its physical presentation and in terms of the content), while the easy style definitly ensures that it is not aimed only at the avid student of the subject. However, although it is presented as a 'primer' readers will find it a little more 'meaty' in that it covers the broad range of life office management in enough depth to make it a valuable reference work, especially at the offered price.

Other aspects that I was also particularly impressed with are:

  • the comprehensive glossary of insurance terms;
  • the useful historical summary of the development of the industry;
  • the build up of the legislation governing the industry;
  • the inclusion of a fair amount of numerical basics of the business in an understandable form rolex replica uk (is it possible that the explanation of the process of beta analysis may actually lead some readers to understand the power of regression?);
  • the practical tips on the developing office, as well as aspects such as handling publicity and the distribution channels; and
  • learning outcomes for each chapter, which serve to focus the reader's mind.

Potential users should know that the coverage extends to only the 'ordinairy' individual life operation of long-term insurers.

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